Books by Jim Piacenti

Books by Jim Piacenti

Ladd resident Jim Piacenti’s three books are available for purchase in the Village Clerk’s office.

  • Greetings From Ladd, Illinois! ($20) recounts Ladd’s early history.
  • The Promise of A Better Life ($22) references the coal mines of eastern Bureau County.
  • Thank you For Doing Business In Ladd, Illinois! ($23) includes information on over 400 Ladd businesses from 1888-2015.

Books by Professor Pier Giorgio Ardeni

University of Bologna Professor Pier Giorgio Ardeni has published two books on the migration of Italian people from the Gaggio Montano region to this area of the United States.  His latest book “Across the Ocean to the Land of Mines” ($32) is available for purchase in the Village Clerk’s office at a special price of $25.  Professor Ardeni gave a presentation on this book during Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Celebration.

Copies of “From the Apennines to Spoon River – Stories of Migration from the Mountains of Bologna and Modena to America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” have sold out and are no longer available in the Clerk’s office.  Professor Ardeni presented this book in Ladd on November 11, 2011.

Professor Ardeni

Village of Ladd 1890-1990
100 Years Young and Growing

Copies of Ladd’s Centennial Book have sold out.  Occasionally a book can be found on Ebay or at a local estate auction.

Village of Ladd 1890-2015
125 Years Making History

Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Commemorative Book ($35) is available for purchase in the Village Clerk’s office.