125th Book – Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Commemorative Book ($35) is available for purchase in the Village Clerk’s office during regular business hours.  The 127-page book is a yearbook-style, hardbound book published in full color.  Books can also be mailed for an additional charge which includes insurance and tracking.  For more information, call the Clerk’s office @ (815) 894-2440 or e-mail

125th DVD – Ladd’s 125th DVD is a 2-disc set in a plastic case with a price of $20/set.  One DVD contains a video of the entire Grand Parade and the other is a still photo montage of the four-day celebration set to music.  Some of the music used in the DVD was provided by Selby Street.  The Grand Parade lineup can be viewed here.

50th & 75th Anniversary DVD – A limited number of copies of the “Ladd – 1940 & 1965” DVD ($20) are still available in the Village Clerk’s office.  The DVD briefly features the 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1940.  The entire 75th Anniversary parade, the 75th Committee, and the Main Street businesses and proprietors in 1965 are also included.  The 75th Anniversary Parade lineup can be viewed here.  Footage from these events was transferred from John Bussa’s 8mm film to DVD.  All proceeds from the DVD sales benefited Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Celebration.


An $840 donation was made to Heifer International from the collection taken during the Sunday Catholic Mass on Main.  Additional information on the donation can be viewed here.


125 balloons were released during the Opening Ceremony on Thursday, July 9, 2015.  The $125.00 prize to the finder of the balloon that had traveled the farthest went to a Milan, Michigan family.

50/50 RAFFLE

The 50/50 winner of $2,306.50 was Rich Fiocchi..


At the final meeting following Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, the committee approved donations to the following Ladd organizations:  Ladd School Foundation – $2,015; Ladd Fire Department – $1,500; Ladd Public Library – $1,000; Ladd Parks & Recreation – $1,000; Ladd Community Center – $1,000; and a $10,369 reimbursement to the Village of Ladd for expenses incurred.  Funds were set aside for the publication of the 125th Commemorative Book and for a future fireworks display.  The committee also invested $2,015 in a Certificate of Deposit for Ladd’s 150th Anniversary Celebration to be held in 2040.



Laddopoly, the game about Ladd, was an overwhelming success and sold out prior to the celebration.  Thank you to the families and businesses who sponsored the game tokens and properties on the board and to everyone who supported this project by purchasing a game.  Proceeds from the sale of Laddopoly benefited Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Celebration.


To create the best possible four-day celebration for the Village of Ladd while allowing businesses and clubs to have financial success.