The process to register a golf cart in the Village of Ladd:

  1. Download the Golf Cart Inspection Checklist.
  2. Verify that your golf cart is equipped with the items on the checklist.
  3. Contact the Ladd Police Department to arrange an inspection of your golf cart.
  4.  A Ladd PD officer will visit to inspect your cart and photograph it.
  5. Download and complete the Golf Cart Registration and Certification.  Return the form to the Village Clerk’s office or submit it at your inspection.
  6. Upon Police Department approval, visit the Village Clerk’s office to sign the Release of Liability and to purchase the $25 golf cart sticker.
  7. Operate your golf cart according to the rules and regulations set forth in Ladd Village Ordinance #1029.  Refer to the map for the designated streets to cross IL Route 89/Main Avenue.