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Park Fundraiser

A fundraiser to benefit improvements to War Memorial Park will be held at noon on Sunday, September 9, 2018, at Softails Bar & Grill.  The purchase of a $100 ticket offers a chance to win $9,000 with the winner to be determined by that day’s Mid-day Pick 3 Lotto drawing.  Tickets with triple numbers (000-999) will each win $100.  A noon chicken lunch at Softails on that day is included with each ticket purchased.  Tickets are available at Softails and at the Village Clerk’s Office.  For more information, contact Noreen at (815) 894-2221.

Mosquito Spraying

Weather permitting, mosquito spraying will be done at dusk on Tuesday & Thursday evenings as needed.  Due to the quiet operation of the Village’s new machine, residents may not be aware when crews are spraying.

Grass Clippings on Streets

Residents are to refrain from blowing grass clippings onto Village streets as they can create problems with our sewer system.  Fresh clippings are also a safety hazard to bicycle and motorcycle riders by creating a slippery surface on the pavement.  Violators may be issued an Administration Ticket by the Police Department.

Recyclables – Empty. Clean. Dry.

Republic Municipal Services Manager Jim Pozzi recently addressed the Ladd Village Board on the importance of educating residents on the proper way to recycle.  Please refer to the information below on WHAT and HOW to recycle.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Golf Cart Stickers Available

Golf cart stickers are now available in the Village Clerk’s office.  An annual sticker is required for all golf carts and recreational off-highway vehicles.  Stickers are $25 per vehicle and are valid from April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019.  Failure to purchase an annual sticker may result in a $25 administrative ticket.

Dog Tags Available

2018 Ladd dog tags are now available in the Village Clerk’s office.  An annual tag is required for all dogs within the Village limits. Tags are $2 per dog and are valid from January 1st through December 31st.  This tag is in addition to the Bureau County rabies tag.  Dogs are not allowed to run at-large in the Village.  Failure to purchase an annual tag or allowing your dog to run at-large may result in a $25 administrative ticket. Please be a responsible owner and clean up after your pet.

Sewer Backup Reporting

The Village of Ladd is in the process of implementing a CMOM (Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance) Plan for the Sanitary Sewer Collection System.  In order to improve the ability to identify where basement backups and overflows occur, a system of record keeping will be implemented.  For each complaint or notification received by the Village concerning a sanitary sewer overflow or a basement backup with the potential of being caused by issues with the Village’s collection system, a report will be generated.  A form has been created for the purpose of keeping these records.  Residents are encouraged to print, complete and submit the form to the Village Clerk’s office when they experience a sewer backup event.  Forms are also available in the Village Clerk’s office.  For more information, contact Superintendent Doug Englehaupt @ (815) 894-2806.